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Tired of wasting money on “one-size-fits-all” marketing agencies
that don’t specialize in search engine optimization for attorneys?

We’ll Help You Bring In More Online Leads

And We’ll Show You How To Convert Them Into Clients

Getting to the top of search engine rankings is great, but it doesn’t guarantee business success. We want to make sure you get maximum value out of the work we do to help you outrank your competitors.

So we offer FREE training on how to improve every stage of your firm’s Intake and Lead Conversion process.

Did You Know… Law firms that generate 60% or more of their leads online are TWICE as profitable as firms that bring in less than 20% of their leads from online.


  1. Your website
  2. Follow-up
  3. In-Office Consultations
  4. Post-Consultation

You Need A Rainmaker… We Can Help

photo of doug mills

Doug Mills, Monopolists Law Firm Marketing

Member of the world’s top SEO Mastermind group

Member of The Facebook Advertising Mastermind Council

Hi, I’m Doug Mills.

Success in any business requires that you focus on what you’re good at, surround yourself with the right people, and make sure those people are in the right positions. Building a successful law firm is no different.

If you’re looking to solve the online marketing piece of your practice, you can count on us to generate the steady flow of leads you need to grow your firm. But… we don’t just stop there.

I believe business is personal, and the work we do for our clients is intensely personal to us. That’s why we go the extra mile and offer you and your staff things like Intake, and Lead Conversion training… and we do it for FREE.

Why would we give away such a valuable service? We do it because we believe our job isn’t just to help you outrank your competitors. Our job is to help grow your business. and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help you do that.

Helping you grow your practice is the only metric by which we measure our own success. If you want a fiercely competitive marketing partner who’s willing to work side-by-side with you to build your firm, we are your team.

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If you want more phone calls from new clients, you need to rank in Local search results

The game has changed when it comes to bringing in leads from online searches, and it’s changed dramatically. It’s not enough just to rank on the 1st page of Google’s organic results, you need to be in the Maps 3-Pack if you want your phone to ring.

Local SEO is in many ways a completely different animal from traditional search engine optimization. We’re able to apply highly-specialized Maps 3-Pack expertise to achieve the results our clients need to grow their law firms.

local map search results for lawyers

“Law Firm SEO has been a great asset…
I want to say thank you.
We appreciate your work, and great job.”
Watch The Video

– Cha’Ron Ballard
The Ballard Law Group

Cha'Ron Ballard from the ballard law group

You need a top attorney SEO expert if you want
to bring in more leads from online searches

  • Do competing law firms outrank you in Local search results?
  • Do you wish you could bring in more new clients from online?
  • Is pay-per-click (Adwords) too expensive?
  • Are you tired of losing new cases to firms with bigger ad budgets?

Search Engine Optimization Is The Most Important
Of The 5 Factors In Building A High-Growth Firm

We’ll Take Care Of The SEO, And Teach You The Other 4

There are 5 things that high-growth law firms focus on to achieve ambitious growth plans.

Search engine optimization is the foundation of the formula that will provide your firm with the opportunity to take advantage of the other 4 Factors.

We give our SEO clients the roadmap to achieve their goals, and grow their firms.

Did You Know… On average, people visit about 5 attorney websites before contacting a law firm, which means a 20% chance of them contacting you.

We show our SEO clients how they can increase that to a 50% chance of having website visitors choose to contact their firm.

high growth law firm book

Start bringing in new leads tomorrow
with professional Facebook ad campaigns

mockup of law firm facebook ad on iphone

Our SEO clients have exclusive access to our Facebook Ads Management service.

We’ve put together an experienced team of Facebook advertising experts, and developed successful ad campaigns that generate leads for attorneys in a number of practice areas.

Professionally designed and managed, our Facebook Ads have the potential to produce enough leads, and new cases, to cover the SEO investment it takes to reach the top spots of Google search results.

And… Facebook Ad campaigns can start generating leads for you within days instead of months.

The Not So Fine Print:
Ad campaigns for certain legal specialties perform better than others on a social platform like Facebook.

We frown on wasting time or money, so we will definitely tell you right upfront if your area of practice (or your market) isn’t a good match for Facebook Ads.

Learn more about bringing in new leads with Facebook ads

If You’d Like To Know If Facebook Ads Are Effective For Your Specific Area Of Practice

Give Us A Call 720-656-5000

We’re happy to answer your questions, and even send you a couple of Case Studies.

Growing your business doesn’t have to be complicated!

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    Start Bringing In More
    Leads From Online

    Generate leads right away with Facebook ads. Then climb into the top spots of Google Maps to capture even more from online searches.

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    Optimize Your Website To
    Convert Them Into Customers

    Clarify your message and structure your website to communicate with prospective clients more effectively.

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    Grow Your Firm
    And Your Profitability

    Build and maintain your firm’s momentum with a consistent flow of new cases and increased profitability.

Find Out How REAL Legal Marketing Experts
Can Help You Build Your Practice

  • 1

    Schedule A Time
    To Talk with Us

    Let’s take a look at your competitors, talk about your goals, and figure out the best way to achieve them together.

  • 2

    We Create A Plan
    To Grow Your Firm

    We will dig in and do the research to develop a custom plan that will provide you with a clear path to grow your practice.

  • 3

    Execute The Plan
    And Make It Happen

    You decide when to pull the trigger, and our team will get to work so you can start bringing in more leads and growing your firm.



  • How many new cases are you losing every week to competitors who outrank you in Local search?
  • How much profit are you missing out on every month because you don’t have the right law firm marketing partner?
  • How many leads could our professional Facebook ad campaigns start bringing in for you TOMORROW?


It’s like a lunch date to discuss how to grow
your law firm faster, and more profitably.

We can help.

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