You might have asked yourself, “Do I need to invest some of my marketing budget into hiring a legal marketing specialist? Will they be able to produce the results I need?”

Instant information is at everyone’s disposal these days, and nearly everyone uses the Internet to help them locate services and products.  That includes searching for law firms and legal advisers. Nearly all online searches stop after checking sites on Google’s first page, so if your website is farther down the list and doesn’t show up on Page 1, then your chances of attracting clients online are pretty low. You can learn more about the top 10 SEO Factors here.

Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is becoming more widely used day-by-day, and there are many ways your practice can benefit by hiring a professional in the field to maximize online visibility. The times are changing, and “optimizing” your webpage to rank higher with Google is no longer optional; it is a must for anyone needing to bring in new clients. You can bet that your competitors are already taking steps to get ranked on Google search.

An excellent way to get to the top with Google is to contract with a professional SEO company, so that you can partake of the online marketing phenomena, which is growing at record speed.

The following are four massive advantages that you can expect to gain working with an SEO professional:


Massive Advantage 1: Unlock Organic Traffic – the Door to Online Success

Your website should be working harder than you to bring in clients. If not, then you are working harder, not smarter. A website that is expertly optimized will fulfill the main reason for its existence, which is to attract clients and get your firm’s phone ringing.


The Definition of an “Organic Listing”

The term organic listing refers to the ‘unpaid’ listings that show up on a search results page. These are the sites Google deems the most relevant to the keywords typed in by the searcher. These sites show up just below the “paid ads” on Page 1, and are usually the first ones people click on, because people tend to trust ‘organic’ results more than the ‘paid ads’ – which is why the paid ads get such a paltry percentage of the clicks on any given SERP.

First page results are due to websites having merit by content, and with strong links to authoritative websites in the same business category.


How does Google Know Which Website to Show & In Which Order?

The way Google ranks your website is based on several factors, which include:

  • Active blogs, which will increase internet leads substantially over sites that don’t have fresh content.
  • The number of backlinks from other trusted, authority sites
  • Formatting and wording of the content and the site URL’s
  • User-friendly navigation and a well-organized site
  • Having video content on a website, which can drive more organic searches than websites with no media content.


Massive Advantage 2: Increase the Return on Investment of Your Marketing Budget

Illustration with Google logos, SEO acronym, and upward arrow, showing how search engine optimization works with Google to bring increased revenue and agency growth.

Smart attorneys know that utilizing their advertising budget wisely and to their best advantage is a sound business practice. Today, digital marketing can be overwhelming with the sheer number of options.

By using an SEO agency and working with experts in the field, you can tap into today’s most important strategies to drive traffic to your website. Internet traffic these days is highly targeted. An optimized website can result in new clients that Google will be able to identify for your firm, and out of the hundreds of options available, it will display your agency as one of the best choices in your practice area and locale. Can you imagine what a steady stream of new clients coming from your website will do for your firm’s visibility? The opportunities are limitless.

Attorneys know that time is money, and spending your time trying to figure out how to optimize your website and work with the Google algorithms will not result in billable hours to your potential clients.



Massive Advantage 3: Imprint Your Firm’s Visibility and Brand

People searching on the web frequently explore more than one website before deciding who to call to get answers for their legal needs. To locate what they are searching for, they generally enter four or more different word variations into the search bar. If your firm is highly visible and comes up on Page 1 for each of these inquiries, there will be a better possibility to get that potential client to decide to sign with your agency, or at least, initiate contact to make the inquiry.

An SEO professional has the expertise, technical know-how and the software tools to construct an effective SEO strategy that targets the ideal clients for your firm, and then builds high-quality content and links to bring your website to the top of the search results.


Massive Advantage 4: Surpass Your Competitors and Thrive!

We can’t stress it enough: the websites that get the most clients are the ones that rank on Page 1 of Google and the other search engines. Your competition most likely already knows this and is using SEO to attract clients through their doors. You may be amazed to find out how much an expert can aid you in growing web traffic results, by ensuring that your firm is the very first listing your potential clients see. It’s something to act on now, to get connected to the clients who need you.


Your legal marketing expert can:

  • Revamp and optimize your website content to help your ranking over time, and put it on the very first page of the Google search inquiry
  • Cultivate trust to your site with proven SEO methods
  • Elevate the authority of your pages by optimizing your content and images


Doug Mills at Monopolists is an nationally-renowned expert in SEO, and will teamwork with you to up your game and your online effectiveness. And it doesn’t stop there. Monopolists is also committed to helping you to grow your business, and will partner with you and your staff to achieve those results. Call today at 720-656-5000 to connect with an attorney SEO expert.  Let us show you and your firm what we can do for you!