How To Spy On Your SEO Agency – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Telltale Signs That Your SEO Campaign Is Just Burning Money

Do you recognize any (or all) of these 4 signs that your SEO campaign is a dud?

#1 – You’ve been stuck on page 2 (or worse) of Google search results.

#2 – You haven’t see any improvement in the organic search traffic coming to your website.

#3 – You aren’t ranking in the local Maps 3-Pack – (searching while at your office doesn’t count!).

#4 – Your Google My Business listing isn’t generating phone calls from potential clients. READ MORE

Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors For Optimizing Your Website

The 10 Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors That Affect Google SERP’s

1. Quality Content

The quality, and completeness of the content on your site is the ultimate ranking factor., If your content isn’t up to snuff, it doesn’t matter how perfectly optimized your website is. You aren’t going to rank anywhere near the top spots on page one.

So what exactly is ‘quality content’ in Google’s eyes? READ MORE

Why Do Lawyers Need SEO

5 Reasons Lawyers Need SEO By A Top Expert

Have you ever wondered what the most successful DUI, bankruptcy, divorce, and personal injury law firms in every major city have in common?

With very few exceptions, they’ve all built a dominant presence in local search results by investing in search engine optimization. READ MORE

What Is Lawyer SEO

What does SEO for lawyers actually mean?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

So now you understand that SEO stands for search engine optimization, but you probably don’t know what needs to be optimized for your website, and even less of an idea about how to do any of it. READ MORE

How Does Off-Page SEO Work For Legal Websites?

Off-Page Optimization: What You Need To Know

Does the latest talk and terminology regarding search engine optimization or SEO feel like a foreign language? For sure, it can be complicated at first glance, but it’s a fact that SEO nothing works like SEO to grow a local – or even a national business.

To put the SEO acronym in simpler terms, it’s all about getting your law firm’s website to show up on the first page of Google for people who search online for an attorney in your city. By understanding the basic principles, it becomes easier to see SEO’s potential to bring your practice to a whole new level. READ MORE

4 Massive Advantages Attorneys Gain With A Real Law Firm SEO Expert

You might have asked yourself, “As an attorney, do I need to invest some of my marketing budget into hiring an SEO expert? Will they be able to produce the results I need?”

Instant information is at everyone’s disposal these days, and nearly everyone uses the Internet to help them locate services and products. That includes searching for law firms and legal advisers. Nearly all online searches stop after checking sites on Google’s first page, so if your website is farther down the list and doesn’t show up on Page 1, then your chances of attracting clients online are pretty low. READ MORE

5 Quick DIY SEO Tips For Optimizing Legal Websites In 2020

SEO Tips That Anyone Can Implement For Their Website

You’ve heard about the great things that SEO can do for an online business, and wonder what it could do for your law firm. Perhaps you just want to try out a few do-it-yourself hacks to see what happens. However, if you’re like a lot of people, when you start reading about the technical aspects, such as building backlinks, fixing bugs, or increasing load speed, you may feel like it’s way out of your league or what you even have time for.

Here are a handful of simple and straightforward fixes that are SEO tips for marketing your professional services that you can learn about to do yourself that will greatly improve the SEO quality your site and that don’t require specialized technical know-how. These tips will also assist you in working with an SEO expert if you choose to do so. READ MORE