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We will get your firm into the Maps 3-Pack

within the timeframe we promise,

or we’ll work for free until we do.

How does it work?                  roadmap to rankings seo audit logo

When you have us perform a Roadmap To Rankings audit for your firm’s website, we’ll show you the issues that are keeping your firm out of the Maps 3-Pack, and let you know what needs to be done to correct them.


We’ll also be able to give you a realistic timeframe for how long it would take us to get your firm into the Maps 3-Pack if you decide to hire us.


If you hire us, and your firm isn’t in the Maps 3-Pack within that timeframe, we will work for free until you are.

Simple as that.

Does the guarantee only apply to obscure keywords that people rarely search for?


We’ll put together a list of your high-value keywords upfront, and the guarantee will be based on getting your firm into the 3-Pack for keywords from that list.

Why do other marketing companies swear that ‘reputable’ SEO agencies don’t (or can’t) offer any guarantees?

Honestly… because they aren’t very good at SEO.

And they’re definitely not good enough at Maps 3-Pack SEO to be willing to ‘bet on themselves’ with a guarantee like ours.

Almost every lawyer SEO company you can think of has low to mid-level SEO ‘analysts’ working on their clients’ SEO.

Not us.

Our founder is personally involved, and responsible for the work we do for our clients.

Why do we offer our clients this guarantee even though we don’t have to?

3 reasons…

  1. Because when we make a commitment, we intend to keep it.
  2. SEO isn’t voodoo (it’s a science)
  3. We believe in being accountable to our clients.

What if there’s a Google algorithm update?

That’s not your problem. Analyzing and adapting to algorithm updates is called… our job.

If there is a Google algorithm update during the guarantee period, we do not change your timeframe.

Is it a money-back guarantee?

No, it’s not.

Why not?

Because the money you invest in your Maps 3-Pack SEO campaign isn’t sitting around in our company’s bank account. It goes into things like:

  • linkbuilding
  • outreach
  • on-site content creation
  • off-site content creation
  • citations
  • directory listings
  • web development
  • web hosting
  • on-page optimization
  • optimizing your Google My Business listing
  • updating content

 What we will do is work for you for free until we get you into the Maps 3-Pack.

If you have any other questions about our Outrageous Guarantee, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Fine Print?

There is no fine print.

But you can read the guarantee again in really small text if you like.

We will get your firm into the Maps 3-Pack

within the timeframe we promise,

or we’ll work for free until we do.

Want to see the math behind why other lawyer SEO agencies can’t compete with us?