Law Firm Marketing Guide 2020

Lawyers Get More Phone Calls From Google Maps 3-Pack Optimization

The 3-Pack commands the largest area of prime screen real estate on local search results pages, and the companies in the Top 3 spots garner the lion’s share of the clicks.

Even better than clicks or website traffic, law firms that rank in the top spots of the 3-Pack can expect to get more phone calls from prospective clients. A lot more phone calls. Google has changed the way consumers behave when searching for services online.with the Maps 3-Pack.



Potential clients are more likely to choose a firm in the top spots of the 3-Pack based on the reviews posted by previous clients, and then use the click-to-call feature in your Google My Business listing to contact you… often without ever visiting your website.

If you want more phone calls from prospective clients, optimizing your firm’s listing for the Maps 3-Pack is the highest-ROI marketing investment any attorney can make.


Increase & Optimize Your Presence In Top Legal Directories

Love em’ or hate em’, online legal directories can play a big role in the research process for many people when deciding to hire an attorney. Taking the time to complete your profile on the major directory sites offers 3 potential benefits:

  1. clicks from profile views help boost traffic to your website
  2. provides a citation with high domain authority for your site
  3. the link from a high authority directory helps improve your site’s authority

Fortunately, adding your firm to the top legal directories is inexpensive as the only investment required for most of them is the time it takes to complete your profile. There are premium (paid) options available on most legal directories, but if your firm already has a strong online presence, upgrading your profile isn’t something you need to do.




Here’s A List Of The Top 7 Online Legal Directories:

  • Avvo
  • Findlaw
  • Justia
  • Lawyers
  • LegalZoom
  • Nolo
  • SuperLawyers

PRO TIP: Most legal directory sites will offer you a ‘badge’ to add to your website for the purpose of promoting your directory profile. DO NOT add these badges to your website.

All of the legal directories are also your competitors for the top spots in Google search results. Adding their ‘badge’ to your website helps boost their ability to outrank your law firm in local search results.


Search Engine Marketing – Pay-Per-Click

Legal-related keywords are the most expensive, and competitive vertical in all of online marketing. If you’re going to invest in pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords, you need a specialist who knows how to optimize your campaign quickly in order to produce a return on your investment.

Successful pay-per-click campaigns require a tightly-integrated combination of a properly structured campaign, landing page design, and conversion optimization. We have experienced, successful experts in all three areas that know how to work together to produce the best results from pay-per-click advertising for any legal practice area.


Start bringing in new leads tomorrow
with professional Facebook ad campaigns

mockup of law firm facebook ad on iphone

Our SEO clients have exclusive access to our Facebook Ads Management service.

We’ve put together an experienced team of Facebook advertising experts, and developed successful ad campaigns that generate leads for attorneys in a number of practice areas.

Professionally designed and managed, our Facebook Ads have the potential to produce enough leads, and new cases, to cover the SEO investment it takes to reach the top spots of Google search results.

And… Facebook Ad campaigns can start generating leads for you within days instead of months.

The Not So Fine Print:
Ad campaigns for certain legal specialties perform better than others on a social platform like Facebook.

We frown on wasting time or money, so we will definitely tell you right upfront if your area of practice (or your market) isn’t a good match for Facebook Ads.

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