A Top Maps 3-Pack Specialist Can Be A Most Valuable Asset 

How can you, as a legal professional, work with your Maps specialist to get bigger and better results? Let’s dive deep into how this works. If you’re looking for a Top 10 SEO Factors Guide, we have that for you as well.

                  Lawyer and SEO expert shake hands behind justice scales.

There are certain jobs that a Maps expert can easily do for you without any time or effort on your part, including making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, has a fast loading speed, and smooth page navigation. A good professional can also improve your content, keyword placement, and optimization, along with building backlinks, which are all vital factors that will improve the effectiveness and visibility of your website. This is good news for you since lawyers aren’t known for having extra free time.

However, there are other aspects of your website that will benefit from a team effort and provide you with returns that will be well worth a small investment of your time.


Make Your Maps Listing Stand Out from the Crowd

What makes you and your firm unique – your USP or “unique selling proposition”? What practice area do you want to grow in?  Collaboration with a Maps expert can help them to determine the specific keywords and other strategies to use to attract more clients in your target area.


Get Your Website’s Blog Content Rolling

Most of the professional website optimization community is of the opinion that Google’s algorithm gives priority to websites that have fresh, new content, whether text, images, videos, or all of the above. Google wants to offer the best service and products for its users, so the search engine also looks for sites with informative, relevant and up-to-date content. Posting regular blogs goes a long way to fulfill these specifications for “freshness.” If you need help with content marketing ideas for your website, the Content Marketing Institute has a terrific content marketing blog full of tips.

This is where you come in. It’s your practice, and you are the expert in your field. From your experience with clients and cases, you know what are the most frequently asked questions, hottest topics, and what your potential clients need to know to understand their options and to choose you as their attorney.

If you enjoy writing, you may decide to write some or all of the blog postings yourself, with only keyword optimization assistance from your Maps partner. Or you may prefer that your expert have your topics researched and written for you by a professional content creator that you will review and edit. Either way, your input is vital to choose the subjects of greatest interest and value to potential clients.


Social Media

Photo of seven people seated and accessing social media on various devices. Social media does matter. Yes, for lawyers! Did you know that some of the most profitable law practices in the U.S. maintain active social media sites?

Current research has found that prospective clients in search of legal representation use social media sites to evaluate attorneys. A law firm without social media sites, or with weak ones, communicates to potential clients that they are behind the times.

Maintaining active social media sites also allows you to gain local connections and increase visibility to attract more clients. In addition, Google views traffic and links from these sites as powerful endorsements for your practice and ranks you accordingly. Your Maps expert can train one of your staff members to handle, or help with, regular postings. Social communications require both your personal touch and a professional marketing expert’s oversight to maximize its potential.



Who doesn’t put more stock in actual client reviews than what an firm says about itself? Your Maps professional will work with you to request and collect online reviews from clients who are enthusiastic about their experience with your legal services, and to incorporate ways to encourage reviews into your routine client follow up.  Both potential new clients (and Google) place a great deal of importance on recent and regular reviews from people who have used your services and want to recommend you.



Building strong, quality backlinks to other respected domains can be tedious and technical work, and is something you will rely on your SEO agency to do for you.

However, there is one highly effective avenue here that will benefit from your personal participation, which is writing guest posts for other websites in the legal field. You get the desired links from trusted, authoritative sites that will boost your Google ranking, while at the same time gaining new readers and connections. Your readers get the information they need as well as an introduction to your practice, and the site you post on gets fresh, new content with your unique insights. That’s a win for everyone. Again, your Maps consultant can help you choose the best sites to post on and optimize your content for high visibility on the Internet.



Did you know that video content boosts online ranking up to 67%? It’s well worth investing a bit of time to work with your Maps expert to create videos for the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube. icon representing website video marketing for law firms

You may be surprised at how many people look for advice regarding legal problems on YouTube. If your firm has videos there, this is another active stream for making new connections. Video content production is something your expert can set up and take care of for the technical aspects, while you provide the script or speak about your practice area and other topics of value to clients. Brian Dean released a good video marketing tutorial this past year.


The Payoff: More Phone Calls & Leads From Local Searches

Online marketing is one of the most powerful methods of winning new clientele for any enterprise, and legal firms are a natural fit. So, take advantage of this opportunity to grow your practice by partnering now with a law firm SEO company who specializes in working with attorneys. If you’d like to learn more about how a top Maps optimization expert can help you build a high-growth law firm, visit our home page.