4 brief videos explain the research that proves why Google's Maps 3-Pack is...

The HOLY GRAIL For Attorneys Who Want More Cases

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Video 1

The one thing you must know in order to grasp what makes the Maps 3-Pack the #1 way for attorneys to compete with the firms who have the biggest advertising budgets in their market.

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Video 2

How to beat your deep-pocketed competitors by maximizing your online visibility for the 2 most critical factors people consider when deciding which attorney they are going to call.

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Video 3

What the research shows about which businesses shown on Page 1 online searchers prefer, and why. Includes the shocking percentage of people who call without ever visiting a law firm’s website.

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Video 4

How to leapfrog dozens of your competitors, and take over one of the top spots in the Maps 3-Pack… even if your firm is on Page 2, Page 3 (or even worse) of organic search results.

Have You Ever Wondered…

“How can I start bringing in more new cases for my firm consistently?”

“How can I compete with the biggest firms in my market when they have such massive advertising budgets?”

“How can I get the biggest return on my marketing budget?”

Find out how to overcome all these challenges when you get FREE access to this video series on the Maps 3-Pack.

Attorney at Law
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Doug Mills

This video series is presented by Doug Mills, a preeminent
authority on Google’s Maps 3-Pack, and search engine
optimization for attorneys.

He is the Lead Strategist at Monopolists, and the driving force
behind our company becoming the #1 ranking lawyer SEO
expert on Google.

Doug’s superpower is helping lawyers generate new clients from
local search by getting their law firms into the Maps 3-Pack.

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