Do you take great care of your clients, but still struggle to get as many glowing reviews from clients as you think you should? Does your legal practice area make it difficult or uncomfortable for clients to post a review about what a great result you got for them?

Your clients might not want to publicize their legal issues by raving about what an awesome criminal defense attorney you are in an online review. Surprisingly enough, many family law attorneys also have a tough time getting as many positive reviews as they probably should. Most attorneys have enough on their plate just trying to manage their firms, but a consistent stream of positive customer reviews is an important aspect of a successful law firm search engine optimization campaign – especially for firms that rank in Google’s Maps 3-Pack. You may also want to see what your SEO agency is upto with your budget.


Life Isn’t Always Fair. Neither Are Client Reviews.

However, you can be sure there are people (many of whom may’ve never hired you) who will post a negative review over even the slightest perceived disappointment. Tell me you’ve never seen a review like this one before…


Sound familiar?

I can think of one law firm that I know for a fact is very professionally managed, and provides great service to their clients… yet one of their office locations currently has an average review rating of only 3.7. They don’t have a ton of reviews for this location, so it only takes a few bad ones to torpedo their average rating.

So how can you get more 5-star reviews? It’s a lot easier than you might think, and yes it is ethical. 


Reviews For Your Law Firm Don’t Have Be Limited To Just Clients

You obviously want as many reviews from clients as you can get, but every review doesn’t necessarily have to be posted by a client. There is absolutely nothing wrong with friends, business associates, and anyone else who can essentially vouch for your character and professionalism posting a review for your firm.

Here’s an example of a review from a non-client…


PRO TIP: Hopefully, the person writing a review for your firm will mention your legal practice area in the review. (For more details on the power of optimized reviews, check out our Lawyer SEO Guide)



As Long As… the person posting the review doesn’t pretend to be a client, or mislead anyone into believing that they are/were a client of your’s.

Other attorneys can even be a great source of reviews as they can vouch for not only your character, but your legal expertise as well.

How do you determine who else might be a good candidate to post a review for your firm? There’s one simple criteria to consider. Anyone who would recommend you or your firm to someone looking for an attorney in your legal practice area.

So, while you get started making your list of people who would be willing to recommend you, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to offer anyone who wants to post a Google review for your firm…

STEP 1 > Google the name of the firm and the city + state abbreviation

STEP 2 > On the right-side of the screen you will see the Google My Business (GMB) for the firm. Look for the blue link that indicates the number of reviews the firm has, and click the link.



STEP 3 > A window will open on top of the browser on your screen. Click the blue button that says Write a review.

STEP 4 > Click the last star on the right to give a 5-star rating.


STEP 5 > Type your review in the area just below the 5-stars.


STEP 6 > Click Post when you’re done writing the review.


That’s it.


What They Can Say About You

Obviously no one should ever misrepresent themselves as one of your clients (and if they do, you should insist that they edit or delete the review), but there are several valuable things people can mention about you and your firm, even if they’ve never been a client.

  • You have a high-level of integrity
  • You’re a person of character
  • How much you care about your clients
  • What a great job you’ve done for your clients
  • How respected you are in the legal community
  • What a skilled negotiator you are
  • What a skilled litigator you are

Any of the things above are great points for people who know you well enough to post a review attesting to the fact that you’re a fantastic attorney.


A BIG NO-NO: Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to offer anything of value in exchange for reviews. That’s a violation of Google’s terms.


ANOTHER BIG NO-NO: One group of people you should not allow to post reviews for you are employees of your firm.


If you’re solo, or a small law firm, you may not be able to afford a high-level lawyer SEO company, but you can make sure you have great reviews for potential clients to read. And now that you know there’s a whole new universe of people who could post a  5-star review for your firm, it’s time to leverage all the goodwill you’ve built up over the years. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get started on that list!


HERE’S A BONUS: 2 Great Tools For Managing Your Law Firm’s Online Reviews

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*At Monopolists, we provide our law firm SEO clients with the review management platform included as part of their search engine optimization campaign. So if you want to know which one we recommend, that should tell you everything you need to know.